#getlenoxed: How to Get Knock Out Skin Now

Esthetician and Acne Expert, Tiffany Lenox

The #getlenoxed hashtag on social media can make you stop in your tracks.  Some of the before and after photos, connected to this action-oriented hashtag, are jaw dropping and beyond inspiring.

When first seeing: #getlenoxed, your mind might immediately think of boxing and Lennox Lewis, the three-time world heavyweight champion.  And, there’s something actually really comforting about that comparison, at least for me, because it reinforces the fact that you’re in very capable and skilled hands, ready to bring some serious skincare that packs a powerful punch.  

Tiffany Lenox, esthetician extraordinaire, might be the sparring partner your skin’s been waiting on.

As the owner of two multicultural skin care clinics in Oklahoma, Lenox Skincare, she specializes in acne and corrective treatments, and she’s giving us some tips on how we can get our skin in shape and achieve knock out skin.

And, of course we know there’s no one-size fits all skincare regimen, but Tiffany breaks it down with some solid basics for us:

Tiffany Lenox Skin Regimen


Tiffany also provides her go-to products for her own glowing skin:

“My skin favorites are: mandelic acid, beta-glucan, and SPF.  My nighttime regimen has always been my time to love on myself.  When cleansing in the pm, there’s no compromising, no matter how tired I am.  I’m totally taking care of my face to the mid cleavage area.  As we age, it’s important we go past our jawline.  I’m also a big fan of full body exfoliating and finishing with a body serum by IS Clinical (game changer).”  

And, super excited to announce . . .



that Tiffany Lenox is also our Portrait Esthy, in other words, our cover model, featured on the “Find an Esthetician” page, our directory to find licensed black estheticians near you.  

If you’re in Tiffany’s area or traveling there, book an appointment with her at Lenox Skincare. 

Check out her SpaSho page to see exactly where she’s located: Tiffany Lenox


Author: Tiffany

Tiffany is a licensed esthetician and the Founder of SpaSho.

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