Cosmetic chemist, Eunice Cofie

Skincare Products Structured Specifically for Skin of Color

Founder, Eunice Cofie-Obeng Discusses Her Skincare Brand and Her Successes

Eunice Cofie-Obeng, a cosmetic chemist, discusses her skincare company, the philosophy behind her products—made specifically for skin of color—and her successes as a beauty entrepreneur.


You’re the President and Chief Cosmetic Chemist of Nuekie, can you tell us a little about Nuekie’s products and how they benefit skin of color?

Nuekie is an innovative skincare company for people of color. We utilize our expertise in traditional African medicine and modern science to bring innovation to addressing common skin disorders in skin of color. Our products are effective because we formulate for the unique structure and function of skin of color.


You were recently featured on the cover of Black Enterprise.  How did that feel and where else have you been featured?

It was an amazing experience to be featured on Black Enterprise magazine. I have been reading the magazine since I was a college student and I always had the dream of being on the cover. This is full circle for me. I have been featured in Forbes Africa, Scientific American, Essence, Chemical and Engineering, and Tallahassee Woman.


In addition to being the president of a company, you’re also a licensed esthetician. Do you think you’ll ever practice?

I am a licensed esthetician but I don’t practice. I don’t foresee myself practicing because I am focused on educating estheticians on the science and business of skin of color.

And, since you have scientific and practical skincare knowledge, how do you take care of your own skin?

I like to keep my skincare regimen simple. I make sure I cleanse with the Nuekie Pre-Cleanser and moisturize with Nuekie Moisture Therapy Creme. If have an acne breakout or hyperpigmentation, I make sure I use a serum to treat my skin.


Where do you see the skin of color market going and how do you plan on making an impact?

I see the skin of color market growing in more efficacious product formulations and much needed science-based education for the consumer and estheticians. I plan to make an impact by continuing to be innovative in our product formulations and expanding our educational programs globally.

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