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Karma Fouch, Esthetician
Karma Fouch, Esthetician


When Karma Fouch had a milestone birthday, she made a career changing move that helped her connect with people in a new fulfilling way.


With corrective skin care as her specialty, Karma empowers clients with knowledge and guides them on a skincare journey that is slow and easy.


She also shares her own regimen and her surprising skin sin.


What’s your name?
Karma Fouch, BSN, RN, LE


What’s the name of your business?



Where are you based?
Covington, GA (~30min east of Atlanta)


What inspired you to become an esthetician?
Turning 40! At the time I was already a very experienced RN of 15 years and wanted to create a new career using my nursing as a foundation and as my own boss.


What is your specialty?
I specialize in corrective skin care, rapid Brazilian wax, skin tag/mole treatment, and professional certifications for VSteam, Dermaplaning, Body Sculpting, and Artisan Soap Making for Retail.


What is your signature technique and approach to skincare?
I use Skinscript Rx professional line and appreciate the low and slow approach with practical homecare and ongoing support. Knowledge is power so I teach my clients how to navigate skin issues effectively between visits.


What’s your skincare regimen?
I personally use Skinscript Rx products. I’m quite oily and have breakouts usually associated with facemasks (maskne) or around menses. In the am I perform a creamy charcoal cleanser with cucumber hydrating toner and light aloe moisturizer (the BOOOOMB!). For my nightly routine, I use a raspberry refining cleanser, vitamin c serum, and light aloe. twice weekly, I implement a 2% retinol scrub and mask with my glycolic pads. And i get compliments often! 🙂


What’s your favorite serum?
Skinscript Rx Vitamin C serum


What’s the one skincare product you can’t live without and why?
Raspberry refining cleanser by Skinscript Rx. It provides a deeper clean without stripping my skin dry. The glycolic and salicylic acids really work wonders for my oily face and especially when I have a breakout


What’s your go-to food or drink that you feel supports your skin or gives it a boost?


Do you have any skin sins? If so, what are they?

Picking my face to death. I’m in ongoing recovery lol


What celebrity or influencer or notable person is #skincaregoals?
None. Makeup is magic and I just don’t know who’s legit anymore lolol


What esthetician would you love to get a facial from?
Skin by Mamie

If you’d like to share anything, please feel free . . .

It’s exciting to see the black spa community growing and thriving with resources like SpaSho. Thank you for this opportunity!

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Author: Tiffany

Tiffany is a licensed esthetician and the Founder of SpaSho.