The National Black Estheticians’ Week, also known as NBEW, is an annual event devoted to celebrating licensed Black Estheticians and encouraging all individuals to take time for self-care.
We celebrate and support all Estheticians and skin connoisseurs as we work together, with the skin care community, in creating solutions to help clients, with skin of color, easily find Estheticians who personally understand melanin-rich skin.
NBEW began in February 2020, as a way to celebrate the achievements and expertise of skincare experts who understand how to properly treat a variety of skin tones and skin issues, while having firsthand knowledge and insights on how to address hyperpigmentation and issues that particularly impact skin of color.

Our goal is to raise the visibility of these Estheticians through NBEW and our directory, where you can find Estheticians near you.

NBEW would not have been made possible without the support and encouragement of Katina Gilmore, founder of the B.E.S.T. Association, where NBEW was first launched.

NBEW 2023

The 4th annual National Black Estheticians’ Week (NBEW) is from February 22-28, 2023
NBEW 2023 will kick off Wednesday, February 22, with a live virtual forum—a Town Hall—where a panel of Estheticians will discuss skin care and answer the public’s questions.

Time: 7 pm EST

Where: Black Headlines News Virtual Reality Experience (LINK)

Do you have questions about your skin? Questions about hair removal?

Ask the experts, our panelists of Estheticians are here to answer your questions.

NBEW Schedule

The National Black Estheticians’ Week will be occurring each day, from February 22-28, in our virtual reality world, the Virtual Reality Experience created by Black Headline News

Wednesday: February 22: 7 pm EST—live discussion where our panel of Estheticians answer your questions

Thursday, February 23-Tuesday, February 28—visit our:

Inspiration Room where you can see our Luminary Estheticians—those that inspire all of us in the: skin care industry, their clients, brands, and everyone—with their quest for education, excellence, community, commitment and faith.

Newsroom watch Tres Beau episodes where estheticians discuss various skin care topics


Katina Gilmore

Tiffany Lenox

Nichelle Mosely

Pamela Springer

Heather Weatherspoon


We are so grateful to our sponsors for their support of NBEW.

Skin Script, Sugarbear, and Ulta

Many thanks to:

Skin Script

Please visit our virtual world to see their NBEW 2023 messages.


Sugarbear will be offering a $40 coupon code for all NBEW attendees, and will be gifting a one-year supply of their Sugarbear Hair Vitamins, valued at $500, to three individuals—2 Estheticians and 1 Client/Supporter (See Participation sections for gift info).



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“Ode to the Esthetician”
This year’s theme: “Ode to the Esthetician” is all about showing reverence to you–the esthetician.
As estheticians, we are often our clients’ confidantes as well as their most trusted skin care and beauty advisors.
So, sit back, take your bow and let your clients sing your praises.
Throughout NBEW, we’d love to hear your clients shout you out and share their love for you, and the skincare & beauty services you provide.
Encourage clients to do one or more of these:
• Make a quick video or write a testimonial about why you are the esthetician in their life (have your clients tag you & us on social and/use the hashtag: #nbewlove
• Write a testimonial & post to social media, tagging you & us on social and/use the hashtag: #nbewlove
• Post a review of you on your SpaSho listing, located on our Black Esthetician Directory, here
• Write or perform an ode for your esthetician (ode examples: a poem, rap, song, artwork, etc.)

a short lyric poem that praises an individual, an idea, or an event.

In ancient Greece, odes were originally accompanied by music—in fact, the word “ode” comes from the Greek word aeidein, which means to sing or to chant. Odes are often ceremonial, and formal in tone.

And, in keeping with this year’s theme, we’re serenading you, the Esthetician, with a music playlist we created for NBEW.

  • Use it in your treatment room or elsewhere.
  • Visit the Spa Lounge to listen. Clients and everyone is of course welcome.


This year’s logo is a symbol that represents the esthetician being praised.
The esthetician is shown as a highly valued and royal figure, with NBEW representing the esthetician, as she/he sits on a throne with fan bearers, in this case, fan brushes  showing reverence.
We went for a vintage look, to embody the ode’s ancient origins, as well as that of the esthetician.
Please post the official logo on your social media pages on Wednesday, February 23, so we’re all united in support of NBEW together.
Logos can also be used on your email campaigns, NBEW discounts and other marketing materials during this time.

There are several variations of the logo for you to download and use.

Below is a preview of the official NBEW 2023 logo

Other logo variations

Below is a preview of the official NBEW 2023 logo

Other logo variations


Feb 22-28

Here are ways for Estheticians to celebrate NBEW and participate via social media:
  • February 22: Post official NBEW logo today and throughout the week
    • Post any discounts you may have for NBEW
      • Use #nbewpromo—or #nbewpromo[city] so clients can find you
    • Encourage clients to sing your praises via Instagram or Facebook, by asking them to make a quick video about why you’re the esthetician in their life
      • Have them tag you and SpaSho, using #nbewlove or #nbew 2023
    • Encourage clients to write a testimonial via Instagram or Facebook about why you’re their go-to Esthetician
      • Have them tag you and SpaSho, using #nbewlove or #nbew 2023.
    • Capture a quick video, in your treatment room, of you & a client listening to music from the Spa Lounge and post and tag us: Ode to the estie—we’ve created a playlist just for you! It’s a gift to you and clients #nbewjam
    • **Ask clients to post a review of you on your SpaSho listing, located on our Black Esthetician Directory, here
    GIFT: The Estheticians who receive the most reviews on their SpaSho listing will win a year supply of Sugarbear Hair Gummies (valued at $500)
        • Two Estheticians will win this gift
    • Sugarbear will be offering a $40 coupon code to you and all NBEW attendees—so encourage your entire network to join
    • What are ways you can create more visibility for yourself and your business? During NBEW, commit to an action or actions such as:
      • Posting on social
      • Seeking out speaking opportunities
      • Getting a new website or updating current one
      • Create or update your SpaSho listing

Below is a preview of the official NBEW 2023 logo

Other logo variations

Katina Gilmore

Katina Gilmore is very well versed in not only skin, but in health as well. She is a: Registered Nurse, a Licensed Esthetician and a Licensed Esthetics Educator.

She specializes in educating and treating Afro-ethnic skin concerns, specifically acne conditions. She has trained extensively in acne treatments, medical aesthetic procedures such as: botox, fillers, laser therapy and body contouring.

She is the Founder of: Black Estheticians & Skin Therapists Association; the Coco Pod: Botanical Boutique & Skin Therapy Suite; The Pink Pineapple: Sugar & Steam Spa; and The Skin Health Coach: Advanced Skincare Education

As a nurse who practices esthetics, she cares for the whole person—the whole body.

Tiffany Lenox

Tiffany is Oklahoma’s first multicultural focused esthetician in okc. With over 16 years experience, gained by learning from the top leaders in treating Global/Multicultural Skin. She has numerous certifications in Laser Therapy, Microneedling, Paramedical, Acne, Procell, DMK, Hydrafacial, and many more. She has gone from being just behind the chair to now a multi-successful business owner. Tiffany has opened up two clinics in Oklahoma and one in Dallas, Texas. Her own medical grade skincare product line and professional backbar line, as well as, a contributor to the esthetics community through educating, mentoring, and speaking., When Tiffany does have downtime, she loves to be at the spa, relaxing and sipping on a nice glass of red merlot or planning her next getaway trip.

Nichelle Mosley

Nichelle is an educator, course creator, Cidesco certified, international award winning aesthetician specializing in advanced corneo-clinical wellness.

Nichelle has previously worked with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and many other types of skin care clinicians. She has written articles for O! Magazine, Skin, Inc, and Lipgloss + Aftershave. Nichelle is also a regular contributor to Dermascope Magazine, and she was so honored to be voted “Favorite Contributing Writer”.

While developing Queen City Beauty Group, in NC + CA where she takes the whole person inside out” approach to skin, Nichelle has mentored countless Estheticians in the industry, helping them transform their businesses and the way they treat skin-Nichelle has now spearheaded CorneoClinical YOUNIVERSITY a team of science-forward, well-researched, experienced individuals, who, together have had an amazing journey to success.

Her near a decade of experience in the global sphere of professional skin care has taught her that CONFIDENCE & SUCCESS are directly proportionate with being reliably informed and being seen by your ideal client and customer as a trusted expert.

When she created the new Skin Barrier Academy, she embodied the belief that the more impartial, reliable knowledge each skin wellness practitioner has access to, the more ethical, credible (and profitable!) our industry will be as a whole.

Pamela Springer

Pamela Springer’s aesthetics knowledge has given her the recognition as a leader in the advanced aesthetics education. She is a highly sought-after professional speaker for TV, medical conferences and aesthetic tradeshows. She has appeared on Oprah, as well as a skincare expert on local stations, such as Fox, NBC and ABC stations.

Pamela began her career in the beauty industry, 30 years ago, as a National Training Director for major skincare companies. She soon discovered the lack of education in pigmentation disorders and the understanding of ethnic skin.

As an African American woman who has a mixed ancestry from three other lineages, her passion is to educate other skincare professionals on the unique nuances of pigmented skin.

Prior to opening The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona in 2000, Pamela completed a 9-month preceptorship under the tutelage of a board-certified dermatologist and medical school professor specializing in Ethno Dermatology.

Springer introduced Global Skin Solutions (GSS), a corrective PRO and retail skin care lines in 2009. These lines are formulated in an FDA certified medical lab. The bioactive ingredients are clinically validated cosmeceuticals to address the common skin conditions of today’s diverse skin tones.

Her upcoming on-line certification course for licensed professionals is based on Ethno-Dermatology science-related didactics and evidence-based treatment
modalities. This certification program provides advanced aesthetics training in
understanding the genetic composition; gives answers to therapeutically challenging pigment disorders; and imparts cultural diversity information.

Ms. Springer has authored a textbook for licensed professionals and her company, GSS is also a Continuing Education Provider for the California Board of Registering Nurses.

Heather Weatherspoon

My name is Heather and I’m the 11 year CEO & founder of Exquisite Lengths Beauty & Brow Bar where I have been a licensed esthetician within the state of Kentucky for 13 years.

All over the USA, I’m known as the Lady Brazilianaire because of my impeccable Brazilian Waxing skills where on average, I Brazilian wax UP TO 90 men and women every week with my 3 strip Brazilian wax method.

I own, “The Waxing Institute,” in Louisville, KY where I train licensed estheticians and cosmetologist how to perfect the Brazilian wax with 3 waxing strips.

My media mentions include: The Spa Queen Magazine, Rated Boujie Entrepreneur, SpaSho, Yes We Slay & CKW Magazines.

I’ve also been featured on Fox News, CBS, NBC and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

I was the runner up for the 2019 Power To Exhale Rising Entrepreneur, 2018 Best Esthetician Nominee and received the 2020 Spa Excellence award and the 2021 Best Spa Instructor.

I am the author of three eBooks titled: Getting Clients Into Your Space, Turning Your Groupon
Clients Into Regular Paying Clients: The Money Making Guide For Salon Professionals, and The Power of Budgeting & Profit Planning.

I am the author of one novel, “Surviving Divorce While Making $100k.”

I’m the owner of the manufacturing company that houses the MinaBell Post Waxing Body Care and The Exquisite Yoni Herbs.

Im also an advocate for women’s health and demonstrator at the local cosmetology schools within the city of Louisville.

Furthermore, I have helped over 20 women become 6 figure earners with my X-It Plan mentorship.