Sean Garrette Skin Routine
Esthetician Sean Garrette Shares His Skin Regimen

Need a Good Bedtime Story? Sean Garrette Shows and Tells You What a Skin Care Routine Should Look Like

Eyes on Melanin



Have you ever wondered how Sean Garrette gets such shiny, silky-smooth skin?  Well, he shows all the steps in a recent video and we’ve snagged it for you.

Licensed esthetician and certified skinfluencer, Sean Garrette, is passionate about skin care, especially Black skin and skin of color, he recently told media brand, Glossy.   

Definitely a plus for us melanated beauties.  

And, as the global ambassador for Rihanna’s skin care brand, Fenty Skin, Sean, truly recognizes the increased need for visibility of black skincare products, and industry awareness.

That’s why it’s so exciting to see him showcase his nighttime routine to Harper’s Bazaar.  He discusses and demonstrates how his regimen is deeply hydrating and tackles both texture and hyperpigmentation. 

Here are some highlights from the Harper’s Bazaar article, by Sabrina Park. 

Any good bedtime skin story must start with cleansing, it’s the most important step.  Sean says that he prefers gentle cleansers, especially those that work to keep his pores clear and his complexion bright.  

Keeping Skin Moist

Now, while some people seem to skip the toning step, Sean makes it a feature throughout his nighttime routine.  He reaches for one: the Botanic Rose Toner by a new Black-owned skincare brand, Traqaris (we definitely need to check this one out ourselves).  Between each of his skin care steps, he sprays the toner in order to help keep his skin moist.  He explains that by continuing to spray the toner between steps, this allows the skin to better receive the products being applied.  

Choose Potent Serums

He also emphasizes the importance of serums and the fact that they need to be of a high quality.  Sean says that serums really matter and that they need to be potent and have an incredible formula.   

Ingredients that Handle Hyperpigmentation

To address hyperpigmentation, he uses SkinMedica’s Pigment Correcting Serum, which he says really helped him achieve noticeable results in his skin tone within just two weeks of his first application.  Ingredients that really target hyperpigmentation are: tranexamic acid, alpha arbutin, azelaic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin C, all ingredients that make the serum he uses really powerful.  

Don’t Sleep on Eye Creams

Sean has proclaimed himself an “eye cream fanatic,” even though previously he felt as though they were an unnecessary step.  He says that while some people are able to get away with only using their regular moisturizer as an eye cream, he cites his age as the reason why he now finds eye cream necessary for himself.  “ . . .now that I’m kind of moving into my 30s, which is, like, terrifying . . . I need all the eye cream,” he says.

His final skin care step is to seal in all the goodness he just applied.  To do so, he uses the Versed Recovery Mode Advanced Night Cream.  It’s a rich cream that is also lightweight and works well for his combination skin that can tend towards being dehydrated.  He says that it really helps to make his skin juicy, healthy, beautiful and radiant.  And, we’re all able to see those visible results on his breathtaking skin. 

Watch his routine and read the Harper’s Bazaar article here



Author: Tiffany

Tiffany is a licensed esthetician and the Founder of SpaSho.

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