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Zyria’s passion for beauty began while she was a young girl.  As she watched her mother apply her makeup daily, Zyria became inspired.  At the age of 12, she watched YOUTUBE videos on makeup tutorials religiously.  She began wearing makeup and received a lot of compliments from her friends.  Her passion about the beauty industry increased.

At the age of 17 years old, Zyria became fascinated with the waxing process.  Her first job was with the Esthetician that waxed her. Zyria trained after school and on weekends learning the proper techniques on waxing. By the time Zyria graduated high school, she was already providing wax services and building her clientele. Soon after high school graduation, Zyria attended a school for Esthetics to further her knowledge and obtain her license.

After receiving her license in Esthetics, she then went on to work and manage top-rated wax salons in the Atlanta area. Inspired by watching her entrepreneurial mother's creativity and determination with owning and operating several successful companies, Zyria has grasped and mastered the skills of being an entrepreneur which lead to her opening Z Beauty & Wax Company.


77 12th Street Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30309, United States

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