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The Sugar Parlor is owned and operated by Minique "Mini" Rice, a Detroit Native and a graduate of Michigan State University (GO GREEN!). After graduation, it was hard to find a position that captured and held Mini’s interests. However, after becoming a mother in 2014, she realized that it was more important to help provide a stable lifestyle for her family. So, she took a gig at a large telecommunications company and coasted. It eventually became mentally straining being away from her family while working long hours in a position that was not satisfying her. A change needed to happen, and quick! Mini had always been fascinated by the beauty industry and possessed natural talents for different aspects of the field. So, she decided it was finally time to tap into her real passion and attend beauty school.
When she first started school, Mini had every intention to focus on makeup and skincare. Little did she know, she'd fall in love with hair removal. She delve deep into this specialty and began exploring the different methods. She then came across the all-natural sugaring hair removal method. This method particularly caught her interest due to its reigning benefits over traditional wax. She did extensive research on the method, created her own homemade batches, and trained herself in different techniques.
Mini graduated beauty school and received licensure in Oct 2016. She began her esthetics career working at a boutique beauty bar in Eastpointe, MI. Here, she offered sugaring hair removal services, but because sugaring was unfamiliar to most, she continued to offer wax to reel clients in. She quickly began to notice, not only was she convincing all of her clients to try sugaring, but it became the preferred over wax among all of her clients. At that point, Mini decided to focus her marketing efforts heavily on the sugaring method. She became increasingly popular for this specialized service that was not widely offered in the Metro Detroit area.
After while, Mini wanted to completely step out on her own and focus on growing her brand, which at the time was M. Elle Beauty. She decided to move her business to a private suite in the more central location of Royal Oak, MI. Her clientele grew tremendously and shortly after she decided it was time to take the ultimate risk and expand her business to become Metro Detroit's first sugaring hair removal studio.
In August of 2017 she completely re-branded to The Sugar Parlor. She worked diligently and saved funds to invest in a larger location. In December 2017, she signed a lease to a 1500sqft space in Berkley that needed a major facelift. Due to being a new business and not having much experience, Mini was not able to secure a business loan and grants were hard to come by. Faced with no other option, Mini created a cost efficient renovation plan that she and her husband, Darryl, committed themselves to complete. They had no experience in construction but were determined to make it work. Mini and Darryl successfully removed walls, installed flooring, painted, and the whole nine! It was a grueling four months of extremely hard work. It was all worth it when The Sugar Parlor finally opened its doors for the first time in April of 2018 and the dream of being Metro Detroit’s first sugaring hair removal studio had actually become a reality.


2301 Coolidge HWY Berkley, MI 48072

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