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Why Sugaring?
The world is changing and spa goers are more interested in natural ingredients in the products they use. An entire service can be done with one biodegradable sugar ball that decomposes easily.
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Sugaring is more than a hair removal method. It has the added benefit of exfoliating the skin. Leaving your client skin smooth and hairless.

The hair is removed in the natural direction of hair growth which minimizes hair breakage leading to zero or minimal ingrown hairs.


The sugar paste is applied at room temperature leaving no chances of burning the skin. In fact sugaring is perfect for your clients with sensitive skin.

It is the most eco-friendly hair removal method available on the market.


No applicators or waxing strip required

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Learn How Sugaring Can GROW Your Esthetics Business
After 15 years of Sugaring clients and teaching Estheticians and Cosmetologists how to sugar and grow their businesses. I have created a proven process that works for those who don’t have access to hands on sugaring training. Now more than ever, it is so imperative to provide the safest and most hygienic service to your hair removal clients.

Level 1 Foundational Sugaring Certification Course
This course is for you if:

You are struggling to keep or gain new clientele
You're ready to create consistent income
You're new in the Industry and trying to figure out what services you want to specialize in.
You're struggling with your sugaring technique and can’t really figure out what you are doing wrong
Are iInterested in starting a business will low overheads and  higher margins
You are just stuck and need to introduce new services to your clients
About your Educator
Mabel Machabvunga Butler

Licensed Esthetician
International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC UK) Board Certified
Tapira Sugar paste Manufacturer
Tapira skincare CEO
Body Sugaring and Wellness Spa Owner
International Educator
Mabel Machabvunga Butler is a licensed Esthetician with 21 years experience in the Industry. Mabel had been fortunate enough to work in different parts of the world including her native country of Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Cruise Ships and United States. She still travels around the world teaching the art of sugaring.

See what other students have said about Tapira Trainings:

What's Included in the Foundational Sugaring Certification Course?
Step By Step Instruction
This course will take you through basic sugaring techniques step by step. You will feel like Mabel is right there with you holding your hand.
On demand access
24/7 access to your online course
Detailed trainings
Training videos in proper sugaring technique.

Everything You Need to Know About Sugaring
Topics include

Room set up. Proper sugaring technique, Products knowledge,  How to sugar different body parts, Stages of hair growth, Types or classes of hair, How to pick sugar the correct way.

Community Support
You'll get access to the Tapira support Facebook group which includes other Tapira educators and Alumni.
Support Tools
A Tapira practice kit.
Tapira Certificate of completion
This certificate allows you to buy sugar from other Professional Companies as well.

You've got questions, we've got answers
How long does it take to get certified?
Do you offer in person classes?
What's included in the kit?
What's the cost of the certification?
You could be on your way to a very lucrative business
Everything everyone knows, they learned. You are as intelligent as the next person. All you need to do is be open to learning.
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