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Have you ever had a problem finding the product that was perfect for your skin? Well, I did for years. Here's how it all started... I've always had really dry skin and could never find a store brought lotion that actually worked for me and that wasn't expensive. For years, I would use store brought lotion and mix it with baby oil gel just to satisfy my skin.

Fast forward the idea of making my own skincare products came to mind a year before even acting on it. I finally said no more to mixing store brought products with ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce and I begin to look up natural ingredients to see what had actually worked for other people with dry skin. After mixing and testing out a few ingredients on my dry skin I was able to formulate a mixture that actually worked for me. At that point, I stopped buying and started making my own body butters using plant based oils and butters. The thought of sharing my product with the world came to mind many times but I never took that leap of faith until one morning at 2 a.m that word from the Lord confirmed it was time to share my gift with the world. Therefore, I figured I'd share a few samples with family and friends just to hear their feedback. Let me tell you the responses were overwhelming. With that being said SNH Skincare officially launched in April 2018. After the launching of SNH Skincare products I realized it was more to skin then what is seen on the surface therefore, in 2019 I decided to go Ogle hair, skin and nails school to learn more about skin. 2020 I became a Licensed Esthetician.

SNH Skincare is compassionate about making high quality and affordable products that are handmade, natural, lightly scented and provide the perfect balance to keep your skin moisturized. Feel confident and feel restored with SNH Skincare.

Shatethia “Shae” Harris, LE


Cedar Hill, Texas

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