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around the Kentuckiana area as well as out-of-town clientele.

Tracie takes her passion for skincare to heart by putting her clients needs first.  Her clients know that she not only cares about the outcome of the service being performed, but how her services can help them with self-care emotionally, mentally and/or physically in the long term.  Throughout the years she has learned to and her own special touch to the foundational principles of Massage Therapy and Skincare.  Clients and colleagues often ask what techniques she uses, because they can tell she adds something special to each treatment.  With her treatment room experience a knowledge, many of her clients have improved their overall skincare health under her professional guidance.  Tracie takes it a step further by helping them find a skincare regime that’s suitable for their particular skin type, skin condition and lifestyle.

Tracie continues to share her knowledge with others even when she’s not in the treatment room.  She is a long-time mentor to several (A)estheticians, Massage Therapists and Cosmetologists.  Helping others in her industry has opened doors for Tracie to do Salon and Spa Consulting in the areas of Customer Service, Hiring, Treatment Room Set-Up and Protocols, Product Knowledge and much more.  Tracie never takes the opportunity for granted to help others in her industry who pursue with the same passion to help their clients.

Tracie’s goal is to educate as many consumers as possible on the importance of Aesthetics while setting ethical standards within her industry.  Tracie Michelle is creating a buzz in, outside of her industry, and well on her way to greater things


105 Lyndon Ln. Suite 106 E Louisville, KY 40222

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