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Welcome to Ezinatopia! My name is Jazmine Williams! And I am the owner and operator of Ezinatopia Skincare. I have been an active esthetician since 2016. My goal is to bring you a vibe and desired results. Whether it is waxing brows or customizing a relaxing facial. I always get a lot of questions about what Ezinatopia means or stands for. Let’s break it down some: Ezina - Arabic for to make or to be beautiful Topia- Taken from the word Utopia which is a state of things in which everything is perfect I would love to have you come visit me for your skincare needs! While Waxing is my speciality also offer 5 different facials! There is something for everybody! I look forward to serving you soon!


2200 Petrie Lane Suite 540, Lanham, MD, 20706

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