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I'm Bree
I want to thank you for visiting my website and congratulate you on taking these steps to advance your esthetic education!


I am the founder of D.Y.E.S Advanced Esthetic Education. I am a Licensed Esthetician and Personal Care Scientist with over 8 years experience in all aspects of the beauty industry. I specialize in a science-based approach to all aspects of esthetics, from the corrective treatments to skincare products.


I am thrilled  for this opportunity to share my esthetic treatment philosophies and cosmetic chemistry knowledge to provide you with an advanced science foundation and resources to advance your approach to esthetics and help you achieve your goals and long-term success.

My mission is to provide you with e-books, online courses,  workshops and mastermind group coaching that focus on advanced esthetic education, guidance, support and motivation as you move forward in your esthetic career


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