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ambiance of an exclusive spa right here in Fremont. We are located downtown Fremont. Come and enjoy being pampered by our amazing professional license aesthetician. Stop on by and enjoy a nice glass of wine or hot tea. while listening to a nice selection of chill out music, surrounded in glitz and glam her and aromatherapy. Come and experience one of our soothing facials and waxing treatments in our gorgeous decorated rooms. We offer an intimate laid-back vibe with exceptional service!

IG: @I.amconceited
Questions: TEXT ONLY 419-559-4466
Deposit of $5 for any service total less then $20 and $20 for a service more then $30 or more is required to secure your appointment with me it will go towards your total price. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Remaining balance must be paid. Deposits MUST be paid 1hr after booking or appointment will be canceled. Deposit can be paid in cash, venom @Amanda-Yousey, or PayPal
If you can’t make it to your appointment, please let me know within 48 hours in advance and your deposit will be issued towards your next appointment as long as it’s within 30 days.
• FAILURE to cancel /reschedule your appointment within 48 hours in advance, will result in your card being charged 50% of your remaining balance. And deposit being taken(NO EXCEPTIONS)
• Clients are allowed to reschedule appointments with me must reschedule at least 48 hours before original appointment only if it is within 30 days. Any attempts after that, you will have to schedule another appointment and put down another deposit.
The remaining balance must be paid in cash upon arrival.
Late policy

• We understand unforeseen Circumstances arise and we will handle this on a case by case basics. After 10 minutes of being late there will be a $15 late fee. After 15 minutes you will be considered a no call no show. There will be a $30 dollar fee and deposit will be taken. No call no show fee MUST be paid before booking another appointment. You have 48 hours to reschedule if you need to cancel your appointment.
• Please come with a fresh face.
Contact Information:
Phone: 419-559-4466
*Please text with name and/or appointment time*
Hygiene Policy
Clients are expected to follow proper hygiene during the time of their appointment. Maintain personal cleanliness by bathing and showering daily. Brushing teeth and use deodorant/ antiperspirants to prevent unpleasant orders. Please NO SMOKING before appointments.


Conduct Policy

Clients are expected to be respectful and to respect other clients and the salon. Discrimination of ethnicity, gender, religious or sexual preference will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave I would not be able to book again.


Children and Extra people Policy

We want you to enjoy your service. Kids and other company may distract you from getting the service you desire. Some services we have a no extra guest policy. For the services you can bring extra people we expect your company to respect the shop. Children are expected to sit down and not be running around the children cannot be controlled you will be asked to reschedule.


Payment Policy

Deposits are due one hour after booking or appointment will be canceled. We accept cash PayPal Apple Pay cash app and cards. Deposits are nonrefundable.if you decide to pre-pay for your services you may do so if you cancel your appointment your money will NOT be refunded, therefore you will have an account Credit
*Please read ALL service descriptions before booking to see which look will best fit your needs.
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