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Permanent Hair Removal and Personalized Make-up Artistry

ALL hair types. ALL skin colors. Simply put: ALL people.
The only FDA recognized AND proven method of PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Tried and true, Electrolysis has been around since 1869 and can be used for ALL hair types and ethnicities. If you have hair any where on your body, that you would like to have gone, I can help you get rid of it FOREVER!
Think of me as the trainer for your unwanted hairs: with some time and adherence to a personalized treatment plan, you WILL see the results and feel the difference, as I get you back to baby smooth & soft, HAIRLESS skin. Free yourself from those couple pesky hairs or larger problem areas. Haven't you noticed??? They just keep coming back and getting stronger with every tweeze, pluck, wax and sugar.
Electrolysis rates:
15 minutes - $32
30 minutes - $45
45 minutes - $60
60 minutes - $70
90 minutes - $100
120 minutes - $130
*Make-Up Artistry*
Trained as a Media Make-Up Artist in Burbank, CA (the television capital) and a true passion for natural beauty.
Personalized Make-Up Artistry services put the perfect YOU on display for any special occasion: weddings, portraits, events, prom.
Also offering classes for make-up application without the pressure to buy the entire cosmetics counter. By focusing on teaching you how to properly apply the product in a private setting. Classes are available 1-on-1, small groups and lecture style.
Make-Up Artistry rates.
Please contact, rates vary based on type of service rendered


5224 Wilson Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 98118, United States

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