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deeply passionate about health and skincare and how they are deeply interwined. My desire is centered around helping my clients feel seen and helping them achieve balance in their skin and body.

I take a whole body approach when assessing each client’s specific needs, locating their issues, and working with them to restore optimal function.

I specialize in corrective skincare for those that suffer with acne, hyperpigmentation, and aging skin.

I provide personalized anti-aging techniques, organic rituals for the skin and body, tension relief, facialmassage, and developing customized home-care regimens.

Ultimately, Air of Earth is a  place where you can come to truly feel your best.

A place where you can surrender from the stressors that weigh you down and paint an image you want to see for yourself. A holistic healing oasis that will nourish and renew your skin, mind, and soul.

Air of Earth came into fruition through a  dream. A shaman came to me and drew two triangles, with horizontal lines through them on my palms. At the time, I did not know what these symbols meant, but upon waking, I would find that the triangles were the elements of air and earth.

From science, we know that elements cannot be broken down, because it is the simplest form of matter.

In essence,  elements are the foundation of human life! There are five symbols that comprise Earth: Air, earth, water, fire, and spirit. Air is literally a breath of life! Air is our primary nutrient and without it, we simply cannot live. Breath has been known as a reflection of the spirit. Different cultures call it different things. The Chinese refer to it as “Qi” Energy. Air also represents a sense of lightheartedness and playfulness.

On the other hand, earth is how we sustain ourselves. Whether that be on a cellular level with vegetables and fruit or our ability to connect and give to others.

The triangles represent strength and most importantly balance! Any weight placed on them is evenly distributed between all three sides.

The Goal
Ultimately, in my practice, my goal is to convey how imperative balance is in all areas of our lives.

A balanced skin care regimen using essential plant elements and combining them with clinical ingredients will transform and nurture the skin. However,

we can not address any surface-level issues without looking internally, our faces are a direct reflection of our health.
Integrating the two allows for optimal results, not only will your skin transform but your overall wellness will too.

Air of Earth Aesthetics is your Alchemy to overall wellness.


8690 South Maryland Parkway suite 110 Las vegas, NV 89123

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