Is Your Skin Oily or Dehydrated? Let’s Break It Down

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You want to shine, but not by the oil slick that you feel is oftentimes covering your skin. And, because of this extra sheen, you’ve always thought of yourself as having oily skin, makes sense, right? But, what if we told you that there’s a potential that your skin is actually dehydrated, in need of moisture, and posing as oily?

While that might sound super confusing, there’s an actual chance that the skin you’ve always thought of as oily is in reality dehydrated.

The thought of this might be a real head scratcher, but the truth is, dehydration can actually make your skin produce even more oil as it tries to compensate for lack of moisture.

So, let’s get a better understanding of this. When it comes to our skin, which is deeply melanated, it’s important to know that it has a tendency to naturally produce more oil, a result of our sebaceous glands which are generally large in size and dense. Now let’s touch on dehydration, as it relates to skin. If your skin is dehydrated, it’s lacking water and much needed moisture. And, because your skin is working hard to function without essential moisture, it causes your sebaceous glands to start producing even more oil, flooding your pores and potentially leading to breakouts.

There are various reasons that can cause your skin to be dehydrated, such as: using harsh or drying skincare products, being in cold or dry environments–climates, even airplanes; or not drinking enough water–so make sure you get that water intake in each day–drink up for your skin. Also, even medical conditions and the side effects of some medications can cause dehydrated skin.

So, how do you tell whether you have oily skin or if it’s actually dehydrated? Here are some signs you can you can look for:

If you have oily skin, these are some common characteristics:

  • Shiny or greasy appearance, especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin)
  • Large pores
  • Makeup easily slides off or smudges
  • Breakouts or acne

If you have dehydrated skin, these are some common characteristics:

  • Tight or rough feeling, especially after washing
  • Dull or lackluster appearance
  • Fine lines or wrinkles
  • Skin feels itchy or irritated

Now that you have a better sense of which category you fall into, let’s chat about how to treat each condition.

If you believe you have oily skin, make sure you’re washing your face on a regular basis with a gentle cleanser. You’re going to want to avoid using products that could be harsh or drying since they can strip your skin of its own natural oils, oils that your skin definitely needs. After you cleanse your skin, you need to rehydrate, yes, even if you feel like your skin is super oily, it’s important for you to still moisturize. So, you’re going to want to go for lightweight and oil-free moisturizers and serums that help your skin regulate its oil production, keeping it hydrated without clogging your pores.

If you’re thinking you have dehydrated skin, you should choose products that hydrate and moisturize your skin internally. And, the best types of products you should look for are those that contain the amazing hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin, as they work by helping to lock in essential moisture into your skin and protect, nourish and improve your skin barrier. Also, drink enough water and eat plants and vegetables with a high water count to really get true moisture from the inside out.

And, remember, if you’re not able to determine what your skin needs or what you should be treating it with, you can always consult with a licensed Esthetician for personalized suggestions for your specific skin type and concerns. They can partner with you to create a customized skincare routine that works for your skin and lifestyle.

In the end, whether your skin is oily, dehydrated, or a combination of both, the goal is to always listen to what your skin needs and to adjust your skincare regimen as needed. Skincare is an art and with the right products and expert guidance, you can and will achieve the perfect, even enviable balance of healthy, supple, glowing skin without that unwanted oily shine. But, best believe, you’ll be shining and glowing beautifully and naturally, in perfect balance.

Author: Tiffany

Tiffany is a licensed esthetician and the Founder of SpaSho.

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