From Breakouts to Brilliance: How Esthetician Iysha Wedderburn Transformed Her Client’s Skin

A Case Study: Improving Hyperpigmentation: Outlining the Path

We all know the frustration that comes with persistent breakouts and the aftermath they leave behind – hyperpigmentation – dark spots or patches on your skin.

But, picture this: you’ve got a trusted expert by your side who understands the ins and outs of your unique skin concerns. You don’t have to battle this alone. When you partner with an esthetician, they can help you achieve skincare success because they know how to navigate the twists and turns, tackling stubborn breakouts and hyperpigmentation head-on. It’s like having a personal skincare guru on your side, guiding you towards your skin’s true potential . . . healthier, clearer skin.

And, you know we love sharing success stories and the glowing results that estheticians help their clients achieve.

So, if you’re in need of some skin inspiration, esthetician, Iysha Wedderburn, walked us through the process she took to help her client overcome breakouts and to visibly improve hyperpigmentation.

Iysha, documented her work on her client’s skin via a case study, and we’ve outlined her steps here. You’ll see that patience, persistence and preparation are the keys to this skincare success story.

Setting the Stage: Dealing with Stubborn Breakouts and Hyperpigmentation

In June 2022, Iysha embarked on a mission to address her client’s concerns about hyperpigmentation and breakouts. As a result of these skin issues, her client was feeling a lack of confidence when she was in public settings.

With a carefully tailored treatment protocol and a range of powerful skincare products, Iysha began the journey to clear her client’s skin and reduce hyperpigmentation.

The Journey Begins: Building the Skin Barrier

Understanding the importance of a strong and resilient skin barrier, Iysha first had to strengthen her client’s skin before she could introduce more advanced treatments. “Once her barrier was stronger, because as you can see there was redness and inflammation with the acne . . . it took about 3 months,” Iysha says.

After guiding her client on how to best prep her skin, which helped in strengthening her skin barrier, Iysha shares her next steps: “We started using mild enzymes every three weeks with homecare products, that included glycolic and retinol.”

Enzymes and microdermabrasion played a pivotal role in gently exfoliating the skin and preparing it for the more advanced procedures. These initial steps were crucial in creating the foundation for long-term success.

Introducing the Chemical Peel Series:

Around the fourth month mark of diligently prepping, rebuilding and strengthening her client’s skin barrier, Iysha was ready to introduce the advanced procedures—chemical peels.

“I prescribed the hyperpigmentation & Pre & Post Peel Care Kits which contain products to treat and address all the concerns while preparing the client’s skin for more in- depth treatments which will include chemical peels.”

Iysha initiated a series of chemical peels to tackle hyperpigmentation head-on. This series included a 20% Lactic Lightening Peel, a 30% Glycolic Peel, and a 10% TCA Depigmentation Peel.

The Power of Consistent Homecare: Your Path to Success

A true expert in her craft, Iysha understood the importance of consistent homecare routines in achieving remarkable results. For her client’s morning routine, she recommended her professional grade products which included: a Green Tea Citrus Cleanser, along with a Glycolic Cleanser used three to four times a week. To exfoliate effectively, Iysha incorporated a Retinol Scrub and Glycolic and Retinol Pads, which were applied directly to the pigmented areas.

For added hydration, she included a refreshing Cucumber Hydration Toner. Treating and nourishing the skin was achieved with the Citrus-C Nourishing Cream, followed by the Cacteen Balancing Moisturizer and Sheer Protection SPF 30 for sun protection every day.

Patience and Progress: The Journey Takes Time

Transformations are not instant, and this case study is a testament to that truth. The entire process, from the initial consultation to the remarkable results, spanned around nine months. We know that’s the typical timespan given for a new birth, and we can think of it in the same way when we’re looking to achieve a skin transformation—you’re giving your skin new life.

Iysha’s client showed dedication to her skin by following the detailed routine and showing up for her regular appointments.

Partnering with an Esthetician: Your Key to Skin Success

Iysha’s commitment to her client’s skin journey was unwavering (okay, let’s keep it real—she was seriously dedicated as well!). She provided tailored guidance, designed custom treatments, and prescribed a homecare routine that complemented her professional esthetic services.

It’s all about that winning combo of professional expertise and consistent, at-home care from that of the client.

Final Thoughts: Serving Up Skin Goals and Confidence

Iysha Wedderburn, this esthetician extraordinaire is rewriting the skincare game for her clients through her unwavering dedication and the remarkable results she achieves.

Iysha’s artistry unfolded through a meticulously crafted treatment plan, utilizing enzymes, microdermabrasion, and a series of chemical peels that worked their success. And, she didn’t stop there. She armed her client with a comprehensive homecare routine that became the backbone of this radiant transformation.

As you see, this wasn’t an overnight miracle. We’re talking about a journey that spanned approximately nine months—a labor of love, if you will, to combat breakouts, while greatly minimizing the hyperpigmentation.

What sets Iysha apart is her commitment to her clients’ skin and as well as helping to boost and maintain their confidence, during treatments. She took the time to deeply understand her client’s unique skin needs as well as her emotional needs and tailored each step of the process with meticulous precision. It’s this personal touch that ensured beautiful results for her client.

By partnering with a skilled esthetician and embracing consistent homecare practices, we too can experience a skin transformation.

Iysha Wedderburn is a licensed esthetician based in Phoenix, Arizona. See her BE listing here:

Author: Tiffany

Tiffany is a licensed esthetician and the Founder of SpaSho.

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