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My name is Heather and I’m the 11 year CEO & founder of Exquisite Lengths Beauty & Brow Bar where I have been a licensed esthetician within the state of Kentucky for 13 years.

All over the USA, I’m known as the Lady Brazilianaire because of my impeccable Brazilian Waxing skills where on average, I Brazilian wax UP TO 90 men and women every week with my 3 strip Brazilian wax method.

I own, "The Waxing Institute," in Louisville, KY where I train licensed estheticians and cosmetologist how to perfect the Brazilian wax with 3 waxing strips.

My media mentions include: The Spa Queen Magazine, Rated Boujie Entrepreneur, SpaSho, Yes We Slay & CKW Magazines.


I’ve also been featured on Fox News, CBS, NBC and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

I was the runner up for the 2019 Power To Exhale Rising Entrepreneur, 2018 Best Esthetician Nominee and received the 2020 Spa Excellence award and the 2021 Best Spa Instructor.

I am the author of three eBooks titled: Getting Clients Into Your Space, Turning Your Groupon
Clients Into Regular Paying Clients: The Money Making Guide For Salon Professionals, and The Power of Budgeting & Profit Planning.

I am the author of one novel, "Surviving Divorce While Making $100k."

I’m the owner of the manufacturing company that houses the MinaBell Post Waxing Body Care and The Exquisite Yoni Herbs.


Im also an advocate for women’s health and demonstrator at the local cosmetology schools within the city of Louisville.

Furthermore, I have helped over 20 women become 6 figure earners with my X-It Plan mentorship.

  • 2915 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40206, United States

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