Don’t Let Dark Elbows and Knees Hold You Back: Follow These Treatment Tips

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We all have memories of scraped up knees and elbows from childhood, but as adults, we want to keep our knees and elbows looking smooth and even-toned. And, we’ve put together a few simple steps you can take to help you prevent and treat unsightly dark elbows and knees – a common skincare concern so many of us just learn to live with, but whoo, thankfully we don’t have to.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating is key when it comes to getting rid of dark elbows and knees. Use a gentle scrub or a chemical exfoliant, such as glycolic acid to target these two areas. Products such as these help to remove dead skin cells that can build up, resulting in darkening of the skin. These products are effective because they work by helping to remove those dead skin cells and to promote cell turnover, which reveals brighter, smoother skin. You can also try using a gentle and lightweight exfoliating brush a few times a week to further smooth your skin and keep it even. So if you’re frustrated with dark, rough patches of skin on your elbows and knees, the key is for you to start exfoliating. Yes, it might feel like yet another thing to add to your list, but see it as a pampering session you set aside for yourself at least a couple of times a week; it’s a beautiful journey in your quest for smoother and more even toned skin.

Moisturize daily

Moisture is everything. It’s the truth! Keeping your skin moisturized is key to preventing dark areas on your knees and elbows. You know, you’ve seen it: ashiness flees quickly once you add a little moisture to dusty areas, and you know you’ve also experienced, at the same time, the softening of the skin on your elbows and knees when you add some moisture too. So, doesn’t it make sense to take the time to make sure you moisturize these areas daily, with a hydrating lotion or body butter? Of course! Look for products that contain shea butter or cocoa butter, as they work by infusing moisture into your skin. Or, ask your esthetician what she/he recommends. When your skin is properly hydrated, your skin becomes more nourished and balanced, so make sure you’re moisturizing each day. Proper hydration is really an one ounce of prevention and protection against dry skin and these dark areas.

Use a skin brightener

Now, we’re not advocating you bleach your skin or anything like that, but when it comes to areas that are unusually dark due to an accumulation of dead skin cells, or from scrapes and abrasions, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating a skin brightening agent. Look for products that contain ingredients like kojic acid or hydroquinone, which can help to lighten dark areas over time. And, also using alpha-arbutin, a derivative of hydroquinone is safe and effective at helping to reduce the appearance of dark patches on your elbows and knees. However, remember to always do a patch test before using any new products, and consult with an esthetician or dermatologist to make sure you’re using them safely if you have any concerns.

Protect your skin from the sun

Sun exposure can cause darkening and hyperpigmentation, so it’s important to protect your skin with sunscreen. And, while it might sound a little weird to do this: make sure to apply sunscreen to your elbows and knees when you’re spending time outdoors. This will help make sure that these darkened areas do not become any darker. You can also choose to wear protective clothing like long sleeves or pants if you’ll be in the sun for an extended period of time.

Seek professional help from an Esthetician

We often think of estheticians for just helping us with facial areas, but ask your esthetician about the skin of your elbows and knees. She or he can help by providing personalized recommendations for the best products and techniques to use to target these darkened areas. Your esthetician may also offer “facial” treatments that incorporate natural lightening ingredients like papaya and lemon that can help to brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation. Other options might include: products or treatments that provide deep hydration, like a moisturizing treatment or hydrating facial. Or chemical peels could be a possible option too to help lighten dark areas and even out your skin tone, by removing layers of hyperpigmented skin, but just be sure to do your research and choose a reputable licensed esthetician who has experience working with melanated skin and who understands the chemical peel process well.

Consider using a targeted serum

Serums specifically designed to target hyperpigmentation can help lighten dark patches on your elbows and knees. Your esthetician can recommend a serum with ingredients like niacinamide or vitamin C, which can help brighten and even out your skin tone.

By following these simple steps and being consistent, you can leave dark elbows and knees in the dark!

Author: Tiffany

Tiffany is a licensed esthetician and the Founder of SpaSho.

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