Chicago-based Esthetician, Brandy Watson

Achieving the High Value Skin Care Mindset

Skin hydration is essential for healthy skin.  Not only does this Chicago-based esthetician use high-quality products that infuse her skin with moisture, she also has a go-to food that produces hydration internally.


It’s clear that Brandy Watson understands the value of properly hydrated skin, that it’s priceless, especially when enhanced by her 24-karat serum.


And, luxury skin care doesn’t stop here.  Check out the $250 facial she’d love to try herself.


What’s your name?
Brandy Watson


What’s the name of your business? And, do you work alone?
Bare & Lush Co. I work alone.


Where are you based?


What inspired you to become an esthetician?
I had eczema growing up that debilitated my confidence in high school. Made me want to learn more about my skin.


What is your specialty?
Corrective skincare & Brazilian Waxing


What is your signature technique and approach to skincare?
Be proactive and not reactive. Also, I like to take a slow progressive take on skincare.


What’s your skincare regimen?
My own skincare regimen is my silky cleanser, ginseng toner, 24-karat serum, and vitamin C cream. I top it off with Black Girl Sunscreen


What’s your favorite serum?
My own 24-karat serum (B Elle Skincare), and Vitamin C serum from Global Skin Solutions


What’s the one skincare product you can’t live without and why?
B Elle’s Ginseng Toner. I always feel glowy after using it.


What’s your go-to food or drink that you feel supports your skin or gives it a boost?
Water (Core) and Watermelon.


Do you have any skin sins? If so, what are they?

Sometimes I don’t feel like washing my face at night. I do, but I don’t want to do it.


What celebrity or influencer or notable person is #skincaregoals?


What esthetician would you love to get a facial from?
Stephanie Laynes, she talks about this $250 facial she gives. I know it must be luxurious.



If you’d like to share anything, please feel free . . .
Thank you for shining a spotlight on little ole me. My purpose is to be a light for those that may not have anyone to give them the tools to build their confidence. It helps when the person looks like you.


To connect with Brandy, check our her SpaSho page here.



Author: Tiffany

Tiffany is a licensed esthetician and the Founder of SpaSho.

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