The National Black Estheticians’ Week, also known as NBEW, is an annual event devoted to celebrating licensed Black Estheticians and encouraging all individuals to take time for self-care.
We celebrate and support all Estheticians and skin connoisseurs as we work together, with the skin care community, in creating solutions to help clients, with skin of color, easily find Estheticians who personally understand melanin-rich skin.
NBEW began in February 2020, as a way to celebrate the achievements and expertise of skincare experts who understand how to properly treat a variety of skin tones and skin issues, while having firsthand knowledge and insights on how to address hyperpigmentation and issues that particularly impact skin of color.
Tiffany Medois with Darnell Wise, of Universal Companies, celebrating NBEW at The Skin Games in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our goal is to raise the visibility of these Estheticians through NBEW and our directory, where you can find Estheticians near you.

NBEW would not have been made possible without the support and encouragement of Katina Gilmore, founder of the B.E.S.T. Association, where NBEW was first launched.