Dealing with Hyperpigmentation? Listen to this Hyperpigmentation Expert

Pamela Springer Chats About Skin of Color

Hyperpigmentation can never overshadow your beauty, but it can certainly be a huge pain to deal with.

Once you’ve got the acne

under control, there’s a whole other beast to deal with—those darn dreaded dark marks.

Learn how to handle hyperpigmentation with specific tips from the #hyperpigmentation expert and #masteraesthetician, Pamela Springer.


Pamela Springer Master Aesthetician

She’s been an aesthetician for more than 25 years and is also the owner of two global skincare brands that cater to #skinofcolor—so she has a lot of solid experience and amazing gems to help keep your melanin polished and glowing. 

Listen to the information and tips she gives in this interview.  


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